Posted on Jul 5th, 2017 | Web Design and Development

According to a recent report by research firm App Annie, the global app economy is expected to grow at a significant rate in the years to come. Specifically, they estimated that activity surrounding mobile applications would increase from a value of $1.3 trillion this year to a walloping $6.3 trillion by 2021.

Generally, the market value of apps covering sales, transactions, advertising, and other forms of mobile commerce would quadruple within 4 years, which entails that opportunities of app developers to maximise profit from their creations are yet to be fully realised. As pointed out, the current average spending by mobile users, which is around $379 per app would increase to $1,008 by 2021.

Researchers stated that the primary factor driving the growth will be a boom in mobile shopping and other transactions done using ecommerce apps. While internet users are used to shopping using their desktops, this trend is predicted to change as businesses are now looking for new ways to make mobile navigation much easier and safer, encouraging consumers to make purchases and engage in transactions on their mobile devices.

Sharing her opinion on this trend, App Annie’s senior vice president of research and professional services Danielle Levitas stated, “Clearly, commerce is the dominant portion of these numbers. As mobile payments become more widely integrated in apps and adopted by consumers, retail, ride hailing, grocery, travel and many more, industries will drive (or get left out) of this transition.”

Aside from the increase in mobile commerce, Levitas stated that advertising would also be a major driver of this uptrend, as advertising and tech companies are now looking for less annoying, more efficient and more precise ad solutions to target and track ads. She added, “We haven’t even started to see the impact of mobile and apps in other areas, like health, so there is even more upside long term.”

Also, the growth is stated to be seen at a greater extent in the developing markets, considering that it is often easier to implement mobile technologies in these areas.

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