Posted on Jul 19th, 2017 | Social Media Marketing

There are certain things that you should get right to make sure your social media marketing campaign will be successful, and one of them is posting frequency. If you post too often, you would become a complete nuisance on a certain network. On the other hand, if you do it rarely, your audience would forget that you exist, which will cause your campaign to fail. So, how do you strike a balance between these two extremes?

Over the years, there have been several studies conducted just to come up with the best answer to this question. Based on varying data for each of the popular social media networks of today, here is how often you should post on these sites to increase engagement, awareness, traffic, and shares:

  • On Facebook

Mostly, digital marketing research agencies state that an average of 1-2 Facebook posts per day will work well if you want to widen your reach, suggesting that sharing fewer posts on this social network and then promoting them would be the best solution to increasing engagement. This frequency will be effective especially when you have a smaller number of followers. According to a study by, posting twice a day will specifically result in an increased number of clicks per post. And, posting more would make your messages feel spammy.

  • On LinkedIn

According to a research from Buffer, making 20 posts on LinkedIn every month, which equates to posting once a day, will help you reach 60% of your followers on such a network. Generally, social media research agencies suggest that daily shares on LinkedIn will keep your followers in the loop, without getting them overwhelmed.

  • On Twitter

As Twitter is a fast-paced network, making 15 tweets per day or 1 tweet per hour during business hours is a good strategy to follow, along with engagement tweets. As it has been pointed out, most retweets occur within 60 minutes after a tweet is done, which broadly means that a higher daily frequency is best. But if you want to receive more responses to your posts, making more than 15 tweets per day would be acceptable. However, make sure you determine the number of tweets you made on certain days, so you will be able to correlate your frequency to audience engagement.

  • On Pinterest

Most research suggest that making 11 pins per day, spreading them throughout the day, and doing it regularly will increase engagement with your audience on Pinterest. Also, curating others’ content on the same frequency you are in will also help. As some studies show, sharing 80% of your Pins from other sources than your own account blog would be effective in strengthening your content foundation, making more connections, and knowing more about your niche.

  • On Google+

It is suggested that posting consistently on Google+, with an average of 2 posts per day, is the best approach to move your marketing campaign further into success. And because shares will show up in the search results for your followers, it is best to share fresh content often to pique their interest.

Final Words

Image Source: Jamie Spencer, CC BY 2.0

Whatever social media network you are using for your marketing campaign, you will always have a way to find the perfect posting frequency for your following. You can stick to the frequencies recommended by studies and choose those that make sense to you based on the network you are using. Then, you can test each of them to find the best posting consistency for your needs. Of course, you can also create a posting frequency framework for your campaign with the help of social media marketing experts who truly understand how things work on social networks.

Header image credit: HTSABO