Posted on Jul 3rd, 2017 | Social Media Marketing

Social media brings so much hype to the marketing world because it has been proven to be an efficient method in delivering a message to customers and invoking a change in their behavior. And if there’s one place on social media that offers the perfect arena for engagement, it would definitely be Instagram. With hundreds of millions of users sharing tens of millions of photos every day and a direct-response Stories feeds for self-serve advertising, there is no doubt that Instagram is a great platform for building online presence, strengthening a brand and even generating sales. So, if you have clients who are still skeptical about joining the Instagram bandwagon, you might just convince them with these nine reasons:

1. High Conversion Rates

Instagram is one of the social networks today that have high conversion rates, which are truly useful in making direct sales. According to a 2017 report by Instagram Advisor, at least 50% of all people on Instagram are following at least one brand, with 60% of them using the network to know more about certain brands. The report also reveals that around 75% of users respond to calls to action posted on the site.

2. Brand Augmentation Using Visual Content

Sharing visual content on Instagram will give your client the opportunity to showcase its business however he likes it. By using a range of filters and effects, images can be presented in different ways to express a message clearly.

3. Creativity

With Instagram, the possibilities for creativity is almost endless. As a fun platform, there are a lot of ways to experiment on showing a brand’s personality and creating a unique visual identity that consumers will remember.

4. High Engagement Rates

Image Source: Perzonseo Webbyra, CC BY 2.0

Over the years, the number of internet users spending more time on Instagram is steadily increasing. According to a recent research on social media, Instagrammers spend around 15 minutes on the site each day. While it is lesser compared to Facebook’s numbers, it is still good news for those who want to dominate in a more image-centric network.

5. Popularity Among Smartphone Users

Today, smartphones have become the most popular way of connecting to the internet, and most activities on these devices are done using apps such as Instagram due to the convenience that they bring. This means having the chance to gain more exposure to a bigger market.

6. Better Chances to Dominate a Niche

Establishing presence on Facebook, which is already used by so many brands for advertising, can be a challenge, especially if your client is a small business.  On the other hand, Instagram (with a smaller percentage of business users) will be a perfect option for those just starting to build their audience.

7. High Average Orders That Drive Sales

As marketing becomes highly social and visual, Instagram is leading the trend, which implies knowledge in using such a platform is a must. As you can see, Instagram offers many marketing solutions through shoppable tools and ads making it a crucial element for sales and growth strategy.

8. No Feed Filters

Unlike Facebook that uses filters to show only a small portion of an audience, Instagram ensures that all posts will show up in a followers’ feeds. This means that a message will always be seen by a target audience.

9. Boost in SEO Rankings

To rank high on SERPs, it will truly help to post content on different social media channels. So, aside from your Facebook and Twitter accounts, your client should also be on Instagram. The likes, hashtags, and comments will surely add up!

As visual content is increasingly becoming popular on social media, it has also become crucial for businesses to be creative and leverage on the best tools that they can have. As the old adage goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and what better way to spread a brand’s message than using a photo-sharing platform like Instagram.