Posted on Jul 19th, 2017 | SEO

On a recent post on Google Help, the tech giant has announced that they have released the latest version of AdWords Editor, version 12, which has a new section that will show you areas where you are not being able to comply with rules for best practices in advertising.

Called the Custom Rules, this new feature will allow you to pay closer attention to warnings and create some of your own according to your marketing campaign’s requirements. For example, it will present warnings if you are not having at least four callout or sitelink extensions; not assigning audiences to certain campaigns; not setting up conversion tracking; and still using the manual bidding procedure. Also, the changes suggest that Google wants advertisers and marketers to quit basic A/B ad testing, though this is yet to be confirmed.

Stating the use of the new rules on Google Help, the tech giant said, “Custom rules notify you of violations to best practices before posting changes. These notifications can appear as warnings or errors.  There’s a set of built-in, recommended rules set as warnings, and you can edit these to meet your needs.”

To set up your own custom rules on the editor pane, build a filter in the violation criteria box. Just follow these steps:

  • Click the filters box.
  • Scroll down to select from the drop-down options under “Custom rule violation filters”.
  • On the Custom Rules section, right-click on a rule.
  • Select “Show violations” at the bottom of the menu.

Applying Custom Rules in your advertising group labels can be very helpful in your marketing campaigns.

By the time you update to the AdWords Editor version 12, you will notice a slight design change. In terms of features, this new version will help maximise your conversions bid strategy, improve images in your app campaigns, as well as create and edit responsive ads.

To cope up with all the changes brought by the update, make sure you work with a team of SEO professionals. This way, you will be able to apply them in your campaigns as effectively as possible.