Posted on May 9th, 2017 | SEO

When ranking a page, Google takes into account a lot of factors and it goes the same when they are calculating the authority of a certain web page. In fact, they look at a number of different undisclosed metrics that can vary from one query to another. So, how does Google assess page authority these days?

While content and links are still among the most important signals for ranking, Google’s RankBrain system artificial intelligence is one huge aspect that a page should incorporate to get a higher authority. However, it is important to remember that no signal or metric today only involves a single authority factor, unlike in the past. In fact, Google stated that its ranking system involves more than 200 major signals.

Paul Haahr, a senior search quality engineer at Google said: “We have no one signal that we’ll say, ‘This is authority.’ We have a whole bunch of things that we hope together help increase the amount of authority in our results.”

However, Google did not reveal any specifics about these things, only stating that there is a “bucket” of factors they are using to arrive at a proxy for authority, which they hope would correspond to making authoritative pages more visible on SERPs. Recently, the search engine giant has been working to improve this area with feedback from the quality raters.

Basically, Google takes in the reviews from quality raters and then come up with new solutions to change their overall algorithms and improve the way how they assess page authority. They hope that rater feedback will provide results that credit authoritative content more. Haahr added: “Our goal in all of this is that we are increasing the quality of the pages that we show to users. Some of our signals are correlated with these notions of quality.”

Generally, Google does authority on a per-page basis to avoid the idea of a domain or sitewide authority. According to them, this would potentially lead to false assumptions about individual pages, especially those on popular websites.

To ensure you properly incorporate Google’s page authority metrics into a website, work with a team of SEO experts.