Posted on Aug 3rd, 2017 | SEO

According to industry reports, Google has officially confirmed that it is already rolling out the new carousel design for sitelinks, which are the additional links that you will find in the snippets of search results on your mobile device where you can instantly jump to relevant pages on the site you are visiting.

Basically, this dramatic style of searching has something to do with the AdWords ads on mobile. Instead of the usual pack style, this new eye-catching format features a large image carousel containing sitelinks, ad titles, and URLs. Also, the carousel is placed above the regular AdWords ads for added exposure.

Google has been testing the new format for more than a year. With this official release, users are now able to easily swipe across sitelinks to reveal more important links. Unlike the old design, this new carousel format does not show just plain text links under the listings.

For online marketing agencies and business, it is now very important for them to adapt to the changes to optimise their strategies in advertising to their local markets. They should remember that Google is always testing plenty of formats for its local business ads, so they should keep an eye out and ensure they keep their ranks on SERPs.

Now, to properly cope up with these changes and take advantage of them, make sure you work with a team of professionals who have all the SEO solutions for your business.