Posted on Jul 21st, 2017 | Digital Marketing

Videos are among the most effective tools in digital marketing today. However, you might still ask yourself whether using them to promote your business is really worth it. Well, the answer is “yes”! Not only that they are effective in engaging with people, but they are also among the most profitable tools that you can have for your business.

What is video marketing?

By simple definition, video marketing is a method that uses videos, including live event videos, instructional videos, viral videos, and customer testimonials, to promote a brand. To develop an effective video marketing campaign, you should work with experts in the many aspects of digital marketing to conduct market research and analysis, and then use the findings to come up with the best message and strategy that you can have.

How can your business benefit from video marketing?

Marketers are increasingly using video marketing to reach their audience on a broader scale, and it might be high time for you to jump on the bandwagon. So, how can this strategy put your business ahead of the competition?

  • It explains clearly to customers what you are offering.

If you are introducing a new product, an instructional video is an effective tool in explaining how it works. According to research, most consumers do take the time to watch this type of video, and more than 75% of the businesses using it say that the strategy generates good results. But for such video to work, it should be simple, creative and unique to pique the interest of your audience.

  • It helps build consumer trust, thus conversions and sales.

Basically, the concept of marketing should be based on trust, where you should try to create long-term relationships with your customers. Through video marketing, you are not only providing useful information to your audience, but also inspiring them to have confidence in your brand. Sure enough, good promotional videos will encourage more people to respond to your ad, significantly increasing conversions and sales.

  • It boosts your return on investment.

Image Source: Jamie Spencer, CC BY 2.0

Even though producing videos for digital marketing is not easy and cheap, it will surely pay off big time. But for this strategy to work, you should make sure that they contain relevant and useful information. As recent studies show, consumers are mostly discouraged by videos that do not explain a product clearly enough. So, make sure your videos offer your customers a path to understanding your product. They do not have to be perfect all the time—what matters most is the content!

  • It increases the average time spent by visitors on your site.

According to research by the video analytics agency Wistia, quality videos will help increase the time spent by visitors on your site, signalling search engines that you are providing good content. So, when creating one for your marketing campaign, make sure it will be interactive and optimised. Write interesting titles, add links to your site, and give consumers every possible way to respond to your ad.

  • It sparks engagement with disinclined audience.

Video marketing can reach out to a wide variety of audience, including the busiest and laziest ones. By posting videos that are easy to comprehend, you are increasing the probability that every person who would see your ad will take the time to look into it. After all, most customers want to see a product or service in action.

  • It encourages social shares for your brand.

Image Source: Jamie Spencer, CC BY 2.0

Videos have become so popular on social media platforms these days that you can find them almost anywhere on the internet. As for Facebook videos alone, they are generating billions of views and shares each day. This is because they are able to capture viewers’ attention and get them to take action immediately. With that said, make a good video and consumers will most likely share it—growing your brand’s social media presence—and even make a purchase from it.

Final Thoughts

With the use of advanced technologies, video marketing has definitely become a very important tool for businesses these days. If done right, your promotional videos can spread on the world wide web in a matter of days and get millions of views. But to ensure you will fully take advantage of this strategy, only work with professionals who specialize in digital marketing.