Posted on Aug 3rd, 2017 | Digital Marketing

Thanks to the internet and some sophisticated video chatting platforms, it is highly possible to connect with other people in real-time wherever and whenever you want. Through a webinar, you will be able to host a live meeting with a specific audience for a discussion, demonstration, presentation, instruction or whatever purpose you have to market a brand. According to, this method of communication tends to be one of the top choices among digital marketers these days in changing their campaigns for the better. But to make it work for your bottom line, it is important to know exactly what it is and how it can be an effective marketing tool.

What Is a Webinar

Basically, a webinar is a live web-based video conference that is done to connect to a certain group of viewers and listeners. During the process, the host can show himself speaking, switch computer screens for demonstrations and slideshows, and even invite other people to co-host discussions. In terms of marketing, its concept is driven by the growing trend of providing quality information to potential clients while gaining insights from them at the same time.

Why Is a Webinar a Great Marketing Tool

Today, many businesses see webinars as the next big thing in promoting and selling their products or services, considering the benefits that they bring. So, how does a webinar serve as a great marketing tool?

1. It significantly increases brand exposure.

Image Source: Nick Youngson, CC BY-SA 3.0

Sure enough, it is all possible to promote a brand through a webinar. You can devise a web conference in a promotional perspective to present a specific product or service to a particular audience at large. Unlike simple advertising copies, videos and presentations can increase people’s understanding of what you are offering, thus increasing brand awareness.

2. It helps generate leads.

By requiring listeners to sign up beforehand, a webinar can actually generate leads and convert followers into paying customers. It allows you to know what topics your leads are interested in and follow up with them with more relevant information. Remember, it takes a lot of effort and commitment to participate in a webinar, which means that your resulting leads should be good enough to create leverage in your marketing campaign.

3. It can serve as an effective training tool.

Just because a customer has bought into a product or service does not always mean that he/she is happy with it. With this in mind, you can use a webinar to introduce concepts to train or educate your viewers so they will be able to enjoy the full value of what they are purchasing. Remember that this can go a long way in saving customers time and frustration, thus increasing their loyalty towards the brand you are promoting.

4.It helps boost brand credibility.

Hosting webinars as part of your digital marketing efforts can pay huge dividends in terms of establishing a brand. As consumers are now more accustomed to fast content, you should also adopt practices that will allow them to see and hear what you are offering. This way, you will garner more recognition and trust from them, which is a primary goal in marketing.

5. It makes way for a wider consumer reach.

If delivered correctly, live webcasts—especially those that contain recent and interesting information—will burn holes in many people’s minds, which means that they will enable you to reach a wider audience. By applying creativity and innovation in your webinars, you will see more and more people becoming invested in watching each of them.

7. It provides an additional stream of revenue.

You can set up a paid webinar event, where participants would part a few bucks for valuable inputs that they will get from it. However, this can be difficult to pull off considering that your audience will expect more from it, compared to the free ones. So, before launching, make sure it is packed full of genuine value by first getting a read on your market and listening to feedback.

8. It is cost-effective.

Unlike conventional seminars and conferences, webinars are not that expensive to arrange. Basically, they benefit from the low costs associated with internet broadcast, which requires you a little more than a broadband connection, a webcam, and a microphone to get started.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, you can consider a webinar as a very important marketing tool in a way that it allows you to deliver essential information to your clients on a short notice with low overhead cost. And, by working with experts in digital marketing, you will be able to gather insights and conduct analysis to better present your ideas and build stronger bonds with customers.